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Hookah flavored Blueberry Mint will awaken your taste buds with a joyful bliss of vibrant taste.  With its bright blue style, the taste is perfected with a touch of blueberry and soothing Mint.  Tsunami’s Blue Breeze is everything you expect it to be, Soothing yet bold at the same time.  With its 12 mg. of carefully thought and smooth nicotine Tsunami will continue to last up to 800 puffs and will leave you wanting more.

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Decadent and delicious the Strawberry-Kiwi tidal wave is unbelievably light-weight and sleek. The lightest flavor of the tidal wave family the Strawberry Kiwi tidal wave tastes a bit like a smoothie minus the calories! With a bright pink battery and just about 800 puffs the Strawberry-Kiwi tidal wave may be a excellent mixture of  hookah ecig fruit and vapor, by the so much the foremost ”fun” and sleek of the tidal wave flavor family.

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